The Good Doctor 4×7: feelings of change wrap the plot


The Good Doctor seemed to walk in calm waters, but it just seemed. When he finds Lea setting up a gymnastics machine just to sell it, Shaun overhears Lea making revelations about her loving past that lead the boy to think about the future of their relationship. After all, is it possible to love someone forever?

Although Lea guarantees that their relationship will not end just as her previous relationships ended, Shaun insists that breakups can occur and that, like any relationship, theirs are not exempt.

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More details of the 4×7 episode of The Good Doctor

Whoever awakens all these uncertainties in Shaun is Morgan’s patient, who simply decided that he would make a change in his genetic code to live a thousand years. This, as bizarre as it may seem, has been closely monitored by his wife, until she decides to give the marriage an ultimatum when the tycoon refuses to reverse the damage caused by the genetic modification.

Despite the ups and downs, the 4×7 episode has a bit of humor when Shaun decides to do research on whether or not to have sex in the shower with Lea. With the participation of all acquaintances and co-workers, he returns home willing to try the act. The pinnacle of the scene is in the cow bell he brings to Lea.

The bell will not be used for sex, but rather for the beloved to ring as a warning signal when they think that the two are distancing themselves in some way.

The 4×7 episode recap brings us even more proof of love. The character Hannah, a breast cancer and skin cancer survivor, arrives at the emergency room with a hematoma that leads to another sad diagnosis. Hannah will now have to face thyroid cancer, and more than that, the character has Li-Fraumeni (or LFS), which would be a hereditary genetic predisposition to different types of cancer.

Her husband Allen, who has been a real rock, is even more prepared for yet another great battle with his wife.

Claire goes so far as to advise Allen to leave his wife if he does not feel properly prepared to face such a diagnosis, but before we start to suffer in anticipation, Allen decides to leave his job in order to take full care of his wife.

The 4th season of The Good Doctor has brought changes and more things to come. We just don’t know if they are good or bad yet!


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