The Good Doctor 4×3: meet the new characters


The 4th season of The Good Doctor began in a post-Covid world. The third episode, released on Monday (16), featured some new characters that offer different dynamics for the hospital staff.

Check out the full recap below!

More details of the 4×3 episode of The Good Doctor

After the interviews, six candidates outshone Shaun, Park and Clakre. Among them, the highlight goes to Will Hooper, an arrogant man and athlete, and John Lundberg, who, although intelligent, did not get along with the other residents and withdrew his candidacy.

The doctors who moved on include Jordan Allen, as she impressed Andrews by questioning her medical views in front of a 17-year-old who wanted breast augmentation surgery despite her age.

In addition, Asher Wolke is also one of the newcomers to be featured in The Good Doctor. His enthusiasm and personality overshadowed Lim and Claire during a heart transplant. Likewise, he also has an interesting past, being an atheist with a God complex. Wolke left his religious community at age 18, entered medical school and started dating other men.

Residents were not so impressed with the other two candidates. Olivia Jackson does not appear to be a confident doctor, while Enrique Guerin appeared for the interview in a sweatshirt and swimsuit! Despite their obvious lack of professionalism, the two look promising and are given yet another chance to prove their skills on joining the hospital staff.


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