The Good Doctor 4×20: All About Season 4 Finale (Spoilers)


The Good Doctor: To end season 4 of The Good Doctor, the writers prepared some intense emotions for viewers of the series. In addition to the farewell of Claire Browne (played by Antonia Thomas), the doctors continued with their missions in Guatemala, while also facing internal dramas.

So find out more about the 4×20 episode of The Good Doctor with our recap!

The Good Doctor: Shaun and Lea’s relationship remains strained during grief

The episode begins with a very delicate surgical process in the Central American country, in which doctors at the Hospital San Jose St. Bonaventure are working. And to prepare for Claire’s departure, Karla Saravia (Allegra Fulton), who is chief of surgery at the local hospital, probes the doctor saying she is very dedicated in all the roles she plays.

Meanwhile, Lea (Paige Spara) packed her bags to leave, as she had previously mentioned to Shaun (Freddie Highmore). However, the same woman who had caused him some extreme feelings in the first part of the mission to Guatemala asks for help with her baby who has had respiratory problems.

So, together with Shaun, they take care of the newborn in the hospital, leaving the mother relieved. After this moment of connection between the two, Shaun calls Glassman (Richard Schiff) admitting he is feeling bad for not being able to calm Lea’s spirits. Although the surgeon did not receive advice from his friend, he was comforted with a few words.

Most other doctors faced many unforeseen events during their respective surgeries. Shaun was even in the middle of a risky procedure when the power suddenly dropped. In this way, he had to rely blindly on his sensitivity and perhaps he realized at that moment that he should take the same action with the woman he loves.

After all the conflicts that involved the characters and the complications of their patients, they needed to leave. Claire was offered to stay as a surgeon at the hospital and was encouraged by Lim (Christina Chang) to accept.

Then, at the airport, the young doctor said goodbye to her colleagues with Andrews (Hill Harper) saying he was very proud of her. Also, Shaun gave him an unexpected hug—something he had never done since they met.

With Claire’s departure, Lea revealed to Shaun that she would not walk away from him, as she still loved him and wanted to spend the rest of his life by her side. Thus, the character asked Shaun to marry him and he ended up accepting without hesitation.

However, the episode is only completed when the audience follows Claire’s first surgery in her new job. Her patient is Miguel (Javier Lacroix), who had unfortunately been left out of the group’s initial list of twelve surgeries. Though he thought he was going to die, his dog was patiently waiting outside the hospital while everything happened.

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