The Good Doctor 4×2: fight against Covid-19 continues


The 2nd episode of Season 4 of The Good Doctor continues to delve deeper into the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, which began to be addressed in the season’s premiere episode.

Shaun needs to learn how to deal with the unknown virus while keeping his distance from Lea to keep her safe. However, this distance can end up disturbing the couple’s relationship.

Check out the recap of The Good Doctor 4×2.

The episode starts with Shaun in his bed, while Lea is on the notebook screen next to him. At the hospital, Deena ends up becoming one of the patients. Claire finds the necklace from one of her patients who died and gives it to the victim’s daughter.

Shaun appears treating another patient, Mark, who has below normal oxygenation. His wife watches in terror for Facetime. Shaun believes he has a clot in his lung that makes it difficult for the patient to breathe. They transfer him from the room to the ICU.

At home, Aaron appears worried and having trouble sleeping. He shows up playing video games at 3 am.

Another who appears concerned is Shaun. He reveals to Claire, in the boardroom, that he called Leah three times in a row, who didn’t answer.

Later, at home, Shaun talks to Alex about his relationship with Mia. There, Lea calls Shaun and reveals that he had a sore throat. She did the test for Covid-19, however, the result was negative.


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