The Good Doctor 4×18: Shaun Suffers Unexpected Accident


The Good Doctor: The 4th season of The Good Doctor is full of exciting events. ABC recently released the official promo for the 18th episode of the fourth season of the series, named “Forgive or Forget”.

In the previous episode (17), we followed the pain of Shaun and Lea when the woman suffers a miscarriage. While Lea goes home, Shaun still goes to the hospital saying that he is fit to work. However, his emotional state was disrupting everyone’s work, so he understands that he needs time to accept what happened and support Lea.

In the preview of the 4×18 episode, we will follow the way they chose to overcome this tragic moment.

Lea and Shaun take a mini vacation to overcome their grief and, for that, they decide to go camping. In a moment of relaxation, Shaun suffers an accident and Lea has to act quickly so that he does not have serious injuries.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Park discuss what is the best treatment for their new patient.

Check out the full video of the Good Doctor episode 4×18:

Synopsis of season 4 of The Good Doctor

Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism, continues to use his extraordinary medical gifts in the surgical unit at St. Bonaventure Hospital. As time goes by, his friendships deepen, his first dating makes him see the world in another way and he needs to work harder, proving his talent as a surgeon every day.

Recalling that The Good Doctor was renewed for its 5th season by ABC.


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