The Good Doctor 4×17: Shaun Tries To Deal With Big Loss (promo)


The Good Doctor: Next week, viewers of The Good Doctor will see Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) in a deeply delicate situation in episode 4×17.

As the episode unfolded last Monday (10), the consequences will be experienced by him and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara), who lost their baby due to complications that culminated in a miscarriage.

To further highlight the emotions to come in the series, ABC released an exciting preview, containing some scenes that will be presented in episode 4×17. In the title “Letting Go”, Shaun will try to deal with his big loss by focusing on work – but it seems that this form of escapism will not work.

His colleagues in the operating room will be impressed by his sudden return, but they soon realize that his psychological state is quite shaken.

Advice comes up all the time, suggesting that he go home and stay with Lea to overcome the pain together. The grieving process will need to be experienced, unfortunately, so that both will be able to strengthen and continue forward.

Check out the full preview:

The Good Doctor: Season 4 of the series is heading towards the end

Anyone who follows the series knows that, since Shaun discovered that Lea’s pregnancy was at risk, he tried to do everything to save her with her baby. However, some doctors have recognized over the days that their emotions could get in the way of surgical procedures.

Both were excited about the baby’s arrival, but things fell apart with the loss they both had in the previous episode. Thus, it remains to be seen how the relationship between the two will continue after this shock. As seen in the images, Lea and Shaun appear hugging each other, trying to support each other.

Alongside these events, the 4×17 episode will also focus on Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) needing to make some important decisions involving other people.

What will happen? Don’t miss out! The medical series airs a new episode on May 17, next Monday.


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