The Good Doctor 4×17: Claire Discovers Unexpected Truth


The Good Doctor: Disappointments, grief and the way we deal with life’s tragic events are just a few of the themes covered in the 4th season of The Good Doctor. After particularly sad episodes, mainly due to Lea’s abortion, the series has now returned to the dynamics of its first episodes, with Shaun’s personality being questioned by doctors and Claire being disappointed by someone she admired.

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The human side of the characters has always been one of the greatest strengths of the medical series. After all, in real life and off-screen, feelings like frustration and disappointment are very common, especially when we discover that someone we used to admire is not in line with the expectations we create in our own head. That is one of the great lessons of this new episode.

Another emotion that, unfortunately, most people are also familiar with is grief. In fact, mourning is not an experience that we go through only when we already knew someone well. That is, it is, yes, possible to suffer for someone you never even saw, as Shaun proved after he and Lea lost the baby.

In episode 4×17 of The Good Doctor, Claire was very disappointed in Marian, a person she admired for years. To get votes, Marian was willing to do anything and prevent anything – even if a procedure improved her health – from putting the campaign at risk.

In addition, Claire discovered that the little girl with deformities on her face does not really exist, which broke all the idealization that she had of Marian in her head. Using an image as part of a campaign for votes is not exactly something Claire believes to be ethical conduct, and even though, in the end, it made Claire a doctor, discovering the truth was still a blow to her.

Meanwhile, Shaun is avoiding grieving and, with that, the series has returned to some of its original plots, while he deals with doctors who do not understand his decisions and methods. With suppressed grief, Shaun is aggressive and his stubborn personality comes to the fore, as he refuses to believe that anyone other than him is right.

His emotions are so high that he even says that his mentor, Dr. Nakano, is too old for medicine. Although the comment is offensive, Nakano knows he made a mistake, however small, and decides it’s time to retire. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Shaun needs to reconnect with his own emotions, both for his benefit and for Lea and everyone else around him.

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