The Good Doctor 4×16: Lea And Shaun Receive Bad News



The Good Doctor: The 4th season of The Good Doctor didn’t come to play. A particularly difficult case for Asher and the complications of Lea’s pregnancy, leading to the loss of her son, featured a very emotional chapter for fans of the medical series. So, before reading about the episode, we recommend that you prepare for tears before you know more about Shaun and Lea’s future.

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More details of the 4×16 episode of The Good Doctor

After all the struggle to accept that he would be a father, now Shaun and Lea had news that led to what was undoubtedly the saddest episode of the season. In fact, it wasn’t just Lea’s spontaneous abortion: the series also brought up the case of an elderly woman who was begging doctors to die.

For most of the episode, Shaun was still in a rush of emotions and Lea just wanted him to be her boyfriend, not a doctor. Even after Lim removed him from the medical team, he continued to give science-based advice and that was not what the girl needed at that time.

Still, it seemed that the two were close to finding a great balance to be good parents and partners, which only made the abortion even more sad. If we remember that not having the baby was an option at the beginning, thinking about the path they had to take to accept paternity, well … The news that they wouldn’t have a baby in the end was a bit much to deal with .


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