The Good Doctor 4×15: Lea Fears She Won’t Be a Good Mother

The Good Doctor brought a new episode marked by a discussion in the waiting room that may seem superficial, but it was very important for Lea to calm her fears that she will not be a good mother.

While she tries to deal with two desperate mothers, Claire and Asher debate their own political positions.

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More details of the 4×15 episode of The Good Doctor

Most of this new episode of the medical series accompanied Lea in the hospital waiting room. She was with two mothers who fought each other all the time. It may seem that this was the drama of the chapter, but the truth is that we never found out exactly what they were fighting about and which one was right.

In the end, the two characters served to show how we should help each other in difficult times. Both were frightened and could be a great consolation for the other.

In the end, one of the mothers, Tarrin, discovered that she could donate blood to the other’s son, Karina, so that he could survive. Despite her differences, she would never deny something so simple that it could save a child’s life. So, without hesitation, she decides to donate the blood, even though she couldn’t do anything to save her own son.

Meanwhile, Claire and Asher are in the middle of a political debate. Asher felt disrespected by Claire and made it very clear that he sees the vote as a commitment that you must keep and respect. Still, Claire believes Asher’s commitment is to vote for a candidate who puts black lives at risk.

Finally, Shaun is still dealing with his emotions now that he has accepted paternity. Lea’s handling of the two mothers fighting in the waiting room helped to ease her fear that she would not be a good mother. For Shaun, the doubts come when he needs to deal with a child as a patient and realizes that the case is different this time.

Glassman explains that, in deciding to become a father, Shaun accepted a great responsibility and he will never see children the same way again. For him, it is part of being a good father to take care of your child at any cost and to recognize the importance that children have in their parents’ lives.

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