The Good Doctor 4×14: sex of Shaun and Lea’s baby is revealed


The Good Doctor finally reveals what all fans of the Shaun and Lea couple want to know: the sex of the baby. The expectant mother receives the result of the fetal DNA test and the couple finds out that they will have a baby girl!

Check out the full recap below!

Shaun and Lea in episode 4×14 of The Good Doctor

After understanding that he will be the father of a girl, the doctor decides to be a more supportive boyfriend for Lea, which includes her company in Lamaze’s class. When Shaun terrifies the mothers of the class by mentioning the possibility of evacuation at the time of delivery, the couple is invited to look for another class.

Lea tries to get her boyfriend to meet Doula Theresa. Shaun is not happy with the proposal and states that he can give his partner everything she needs in the delivery room, which the future mom is not so sure about.

In Glassman’s office, Shaun explains that he wants to give Lea everything her heart desires when giving birth to their daughter, except a doula.

Later, the doctor presents his girlfriend with an electronic massage device and a pair of gloves so that she can shake your hand with full force on the day of delivery. Shaun says it will make her feel safe and comfortable and that they don’t need anyone else, but Lea remains firm in her purpose.

Eventually, the doctor changes his mind and surprises his partner by hiring Theresa. He declares to Lea that he wants her and their daughter to have everything they want.

What else happened in episode 4×14?

Morgan and Park continue with the “colorful friendship” agreement. The doctor establishes some rules so that the non-relationship of the two continues to work. One is that Park starts going out with other people. However, when the doctor and the pediatric resident, Dr. Boyd, approach, Morgan does not look very happy.

At the hospital, Shaun and Claire get involved in the case of Jean Starzak. The patient’s first doctor ruled out all of her symptoms, which delayed her diagnosis. Now, there is nothing else they can do to stop the disease from progressing.

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