The Good Doctor 4×12: Shaun deals with Lea’s revelation


Heads up! This text contains spoilers for The Good Doctor

After the bombastic revelation of the last episode of The Good Doctor, in which Lea says she is pregnant, fans are wondering: how will Shaun react to the news? The promo for the new episode “Teeny Blue Eyes” (in Portuguese, “Little Blue Eyes”), shows how the couple is dealing with the unexpected pregnancy:

In the video, we can see the two talking to other people about pregnancy. While Lea seems scared and unsure of what to do, Shaun states that he loves her and that he wants this child. Apparently, we will also see the couple at the first medical appointment.

With the arrival of the baby, will the couple consider any more long-term commitments? Will Shaun be able to handle the pressure of being a father? Will your childhood traumas reappear? Just watching the next chapters to find out.

4×12 promotional photos

In addition to the promo, also check out some photos from the 4×12 episode.

The new episode of The Good Doctor will premiere on March 22 on the ABC channel, after two weeks of hiatus. In Brazil, the first three seasons are available on Globoplay.


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