The Good Doctor 4×11: Lea brings shocking news to Shaun


The 11th episode of The Good Doctor was marked by a shocking revelation from Lea, who promises to completely change the trajectory of the couple’s relationship. Check out our recap of the newest chapter of season 4 now.

Heads up! This text contains spoilers for episode 4×11 of The Good Doctor

Lea and Shaun

The episode begins with Lea having her car seized by the unsympathetic operator, Tricky, when parking in someone else’s parking space. She insists that the location is right, but Shaun refuses to lie on behalf of his girlfriend.

In her office, Lea tells her boyfriend that she is upset about what happened, that they are a team and he should have supported her.

Shaun lends his phone to his girlfriend to create dozens of anonymous Yelp accounts and post bad reviews of Tricky’s business. The next night, the couple confronts the operator and Lea threatens to publish the negative reviews. The doctor then agrees to pay whatever it takes to retrieve his girlfriend’s car.

Shaun goes to Tricky’s office while Leah retrieves her car keys. As soon as she is in the vehicle, the doctor runs out of the office and runs off with his girlfriend.

Later, at home, Shaun reveals that he did in fact give Tricky money not to retaliate and that she was a little “crazy” about the car’s history. Lea admits that she really was a little crazy in the last few days, but it was not because of the vehicle but because she is pregnant.

The revelation leaves Shaun completely speechless and with an expression that is difficult to read, although we think he looks a little happy. You can watch the revelation scene below, in English and without subtitles.

What else did you have in the episode?

In addition to the arch between the main couple, we also had Shaun and Morgan treating Dannie Miller, a patient whose brain cancer caused her to wake up from a 10-year-old coma. The time agreed was short, but enough to sign an order not to resuscitate her and tell her husband that it is time for him to move on.

Glassman went back to the operating rooms and decided to call two residents to help him. To decide who was going to take the place, the doctor promoted a test. Claire and Asher were chosen to assist in the operation.

Park was so sad not to have passed Glassman’s test that she ended up eating Morgan’s last ice cream, who also came home wanting to discount the sadness of the day on the candy. The two end up talking and Morgan helps Park to see what he could have done differently on the test. In return, the doctor buys a new jar of ice cream for his colleague. Will we have a new romance?

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