The Good Doctor 4×10: Lea saves or hacker hospital


It was to be expected that residents of St. Bonaventure Hospital would have a peaceful day. However, anyone who is following the 4th season of The Good Doctor knows well that this is rare. In just 24 hours, Lea needs to save the systems from a hacker attack and information about a patient who lied about having cancer to raise funds for the hospital’s leaking charity.

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A stressful day took over St. Bonaventure while Olivia tries to care for a patient who almost drowned – little does she know that this will be her last patient. However, all of the hospital’s systems have been hacked, which can seriously compromise the care of doctors and the integrity of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the tide of bad luck also accompanies Lea and she gets a ticket and punctures her tire early in the day. Already annoyed, she receives the news that St. Bonaventure’s systems have gone down and no information can be accessed. Soon, she asks Glassman to let her find out what’s going on and gets only 24 hours to test her technology skills.

Lea’s efforts begin and Glassman believes she can negotiate with the hackers. In the midst of it all, Claire and Shaun treat a patient who claimed to have cancer. All treatment is based on this premise. However, some complications arise and he reveals that he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, and not due to cancer!

As if lying were not enough, he also says that his motivations were to get money for charity. As good as the intentions were, the lie was still a problem, mainly because the case had repercussions outside the hospital.

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In the meantime, Glassman and the insurance team are able to negotiate a lower price to get their systems back. However, Lea doesn’t give up. Great news: with only 3 hours left to end the deadline given by Glassman, she manages to save the systems and prevents St. Bonaventure from losing money. Her superior is so pleased with this that he even invites the doctor to a night of poker at his home.

Back at Claire and Shaun’s patient, Lim receives a reporter who was informed about the fake charity cases. Believing that Claire was the one who let the information leak, she takes it out of the case and Shaun asks if Lim would fire her if he confirmed his suspicions. Lim says yes.

However, Olivia confesses to Claire that she was the one who passed the information on to the reporter. Lim regrets taking Claire off the case and apologizes. As might be expected, Olivia lost her job as a result, but she reveals that she had already given up being a doctor. Soon, the dismissal was as a sign that she was doing the right thing.

In an episode full of twists and turns, we can only wait to see what will happen in the next episodes of The Good Doctor. Did you like this chapter? Then leave your comment!


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