The golf world’s reaction to Tiger Woods’ Emotional outing at St Andrews

After a brutal performance at St Andrews that will surely keep him out of the finals, Tiger Woods has taken an emotional stroll to complete his round of the Open Championship.
On the 18th hole, Woods took off his hat to greet the roaring crowd at St. Andrews. Emotions were palpable as he approached his ball for the last hole of his day.
Given some of the things Woods said after he finished his round, it’s possible that this was the last time he took a walk on the Svilkan Bridge at the Open Championship.
The video went viral, gaining over 500,000 views and 6,000 likes in less than an hour. But the reaction of the golf world is just as incredible.
Everyone on Twitter is praising Woods for his outstanding career and for how wonderful this moment is:
Tiger Woods made it clear this week that he has no plans to retire in the near future. But he also stated that he would no longer participate in competitions on a permanent basis.
Without a doubt, Tiger Woods will appear less and less frequently at future events and major tournaments on the PGA Tour.
Woods has won the Open Championship three times in his storied career. His sixth place in 2018 marked his return to the top of the golf world, and the following year he won the Masters.
An uncertain future awaits the golf world as we all wait to see what Tiger Woods does next.