The golf world’s Reaction to Rory McIlroy’s Controversial T-shirt



Rory McIlroy was wearing an interesting T-shirt during the first round of the US Open on Thursday.

Most golfers usually wear casual T-shirts to these tournaments, but McIlroy wore one that Nike might not be too proud of.

Golf fans reacted funny to McIlroy’s T-shirt during the game.

“Rory McIlroy is such a humble and steady guy that he told Nike they could just use a tablecloth from the Ouimet house to make this shirt,” one fan said.

“Rory is dressed in 70s motel floral wallpaper as a shirt and shoes with the word “LOBSTER” on the sole. Rory K 8,” wrote another fan.

“Today it’s two ridiculous doubles saves from Rory through 14 holes. It’s a T-shirt, it has power,” another fan wrote.

McIlroy finished the first round with a score of 3-under, advancing to the second round on Friday.

We need to see if he plans to wear a similar shirt for this.