The Golf World reacts to Rory McIlroy Banker’s Viral Video – The Spun: What’s Trending in the World of sports today


Rory McIlroy proved almost implausible on the par-4 fifth hole during the first round of the U.S. Open.

With both feet in the bunker and the ball submerged in an irregularity at waist level, McIlroy had to choke on a wedge and try to force the ball up onto the turf.

Unsurprisingly, the throw didn’t go quite as planned — the ball hit right into the next bunker on the green.

The Irishman showed how frustrating a game of golf can be by hitting a bunker with two strong wedge shots after a failed putt.

The golf world reacted to McIlroy’s outburst on Twitter.

“That’s what I’m here for. I want more,” wrote one fan.

“Me, but at every shot,” another added.

Believe it or not, McIlroy was able to save the four from this almost impossible scenario. He stuck his second bunker putt more than 10 feet from the hole and sank a return putt for par.

McIlroy, who just won the Canadian Open at St. Georges, currently ranks third in the rankings to two.