The Goldskin duo has virtues that may have shone in any earlier Elden Ring dungeon


The Godskin Duo battle has easily become a lightning rod for most complaints when it comes to mandatory bosses in the late-game Elden Ring. At first glance, this could easily be called the worst version of the meeting of Ornstein and Smoog from Dark Souls; however, on a deeper level, this battle not only attracts even more bosses, but is also successful on a mechanical level as their evolution.

Unfortunately for the Godskin Duo, this otherwise successful encounter is delayed until the very end in the Elden Ring, where the balance of enemies and the expected level of the player begins to be distorted in the negative direction. Thus, if these two could have appeared as a double boss somewhere earlier than the Collapsing Farum Azul, then the meeting might not have caused such hostility as it clearly did among the fan community.

The ancestors of the Godskin duo

Boss battles against multiple enemies are nothing new for the FromSoftware developer, as even Demon’s Souls bosses involve a clash with Cannibals. These fights often force the player to defend himself, forcing him to be careful and wait for the few opportunities to punish that open up when both bosses recover from their own attacks. The result is often the most difficult fights in any of these games, including Elden Ring. That being said, there’s another important aspect of Godskin Duo that appeared in earlier Souls games and often led to some of the most frustrating bosses in the series.

This second aspect of Godskin Duo is the DPS check, a type of boss design that requires players to deal enough damage in a certain amount of time before they are instantly killed or overpowered. In the case of previous FromSoftware games, the two most notable DPS checks are in the form of Darkbeast Paarl from Bloodborne and Four Kings in Dark Souls. This is a special type of DPS check from the Four Kings, which repeats the Godskin duo, shaking off this old mechanic and trying to help the boss stand out among other encounters with multiple enemies, such as Elden Ring commander Niall or the Fell twins.

The specific registration issue takes the form of a requirement for players to quickly kill several bosses before a second one appears and overwhelms the player with too many enemies to deal with them at the same time. For the Four Kings, this can turn into four or five boss power opponents filling the arena with slashing swords and powerful purple magic. In the case of Godskin Duo, the clock does not start ticking until the first boss is killed, giving only a short time to kill the second, while the battle is reduced to a one-on-one battle until the numbers become equal. favor the player again. This small addition makes Godskin Duo in Elden Ring completely unique, even among the other double bosses of the game.

The worst case for checking DPS

Often, the DPS check in any game happens later, when players have more chances to get access to powerful equipment and high levels. However, the stumbling block that makes Godskin Duo so difficult and therefore so frustrating is the fact that it is one of the last bosses before the end of the game. This is especially bad for the balance, which quickly shifts away from the player as soon as Elden Ring moves to Crumbling Farum Azula.

The last few areas in the Elden Ring are often the source of a lot of complaints from fans, besides whether the bosses are honest or well thought out. When most hits, even from ordinary enemies in locations such as the Collapsing Farum Azul, can kill any player with less than 40 energy, it’s easy to be disappointed that the game seems to promote a certain set of the best Elden Ring builds. This is where Godskin Duo balances poorly in this location, giving players a difficult DPS check in the area where enemies have the most health and they do the most damage.

Everything about fighting Godskin Duo can be successful in any dungeon other than Crumbling Farum Azula, thanks to how the boss’s inflated health and damage are ground against the DPS check. The exchange of blows is not as effective in a double fight as it was against any of the previous single fights against the Divine Apostle from the Elden Ring or the Divine Noble. Also, this is the last place where the player’s own damage increases, which means there’s not much the player can do to improve their build after they arrive at the Godskin Duo boss arena. This makes the player build check at the end of the game, which up to this point has simply not been forced by any mandatory boss.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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