The Golden Ring image shows a ridiculous amount of status effects and icons that players can get at the same time

In Elden Ring, open-world design combines with the complexity and exploration of SoulsBorne, creating a fantastic combination. Players can’t get enough of it and demand more, which undoubtedly made the release of the Barbarians of the Badlands DLC a happy event for many.
A huge part of Elden Ring is creating a strategy to fight extremely strong opponents that make up a large part of the game landscape. This includes equipment and supplies that give the characters special effects, usually represented by icons under the player’s stats bars. There are a lot of them, which makes tracking bonuses and debuffs applied at the same time a bit difficult.
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One player decided to note the somewhat ridiculous nature of the buff/debuff icons in the Elden Ring by going on a quest to get as many of them as possible at one time. This is difficult because some of them can only be obtained through certain interactions with the environment, while others have a time limit. The imposition of buffs is one of the problems that magic users face in Elden Ring, as time for them can run out very quickly. But this player has succeeded in his quest, and the results speak for themselves.
The update about how many icons you can stack in the Elden Ring is just absurd. from Eldenring
This is, roughly speaking, a lot of icons, and the fact that they are all stacked at once is even more impressive than it seems. Firstly, two icons indicate that the player cannot teleport to the Place of Grace, and the other one indicates the nearest Marika Stake. To get this, you need to teleport into a dungeon or get trapped, and then leave it without sitting down and find Marika’s stake somewhere nearby. Then, of course, you need to accumulate buffs yourself, which is very similar to becoming an Iron Man in the Elden Ring: put on a lot and you need to do it carefully.
The reason this needs to be done carefully is that many similar buffs don’t stack, but some of them do, and they give different icons. For example, a consumable can give the same positive effect as one of the real Elden Ring medallions, similar to the real world. Sometimes they add up and give two icons, sometimes not.
This makes the imposition of such icons a test of patience and knowledge about the game, and also requires proper timing and patience. The Elden Ring player base seems to have reached a level where players know the game so well that they can perform ridiculous feats. If that’s not enough, one player has already beaten the Elden Ring with the piano. Only time will tell what will happen next.
Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.