The Glazers Are Secretly Negotiating The Sale of Manchester United


The greedy owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family, are currently involved in negotiations during which England’s largest football club will change hands.

This is reported by the exclusive CaughtOffside, which reports that, according to British agent Haydn Dodge, the Glazers may have finally found themselves at the tail end of their reign at Old Trafford.

Currently, Glazers only talk to American investment companies, which means that if the sale takes place, the “red devils” may again be burdened by American owners.

This latest revelation came after fans’ fury spilled out at the beginning of the year due to the fact that the Glazers are parasitizing the 20-time champions of England.

There were numerous protests, demonstrations and even boycotts with supporters who did not hide their dissatisfaction with the family.

The Glazers became famous in English football for their insatiable practice of giving preference to personal profit at the expense of the team’s progress.

For many years they received huge dividends and refused to invest in the infrastructure of the club.

They have also shouldered heavy debts on the club. This, combined with their participation in the European Super League, was a turning point for the Old Trafford faithful.

Dodge says of the potential sale of United: “Despite the fact that the individuals involved in the potential takeover are bound by non-disclosure agreements, behind-the-scenes negotiations are ongoing.”

“Every penny will always be scrutinized and punished because of their public nature. Old Trafford needs an upgrade too, so it’s a big problem and the owners know they’re constantly under the microscope.”

“There are negotiations on the sale of the club with investment companies in the United States, but, as usual, all participants were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. The Glazers’ estimate is just under 4 billion pounds.”

It will be interesting to see how fans react to the prospect of other American owners.

Let’s hope that the sale will take place, and United will finally be able to say goodbye to the Glazer family forever.


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