The girl takes pictures and goes viral for the wrong reasons


A woman’s innocent post on Instagram went viral thanks to an unfortunate reflection in the mirror behind her.

Connie White, from Falkirk, Scotland, posed for a photo in a red dress. The young woman stood in front of a mirror in her apartment and took the photos. Then she uploaded them to social networks.

But it wasn’t until others saw the photo and left comments that the 22-year-old realized that “there was something wrong” with the image.

The mirror behind Connie reflected the back of her ankle and foot, as well as a reflection that formed something between her legs. This made some people look at it twice as it seemed like something much more inappropriate.

Connie decided to laugh at herself and commented on the image. Connie shared the photo on Twitter and said someone commented that “it looked like she had a huge penis between her legs.”

It racked up over 23,000 likes and 1,200 retweets, and many users admitted they couldn’t stop laughing. Some still couldn’t understand what the reflection really was, as Connie responded to inform them that it was simply the back of her leg.

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