The Ghost of Tsushima: the consequences of loss — which hostage should be saved


The Impact of Loss is a side story in the DLC Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island, and it ends up forcing players to make a choice. In particular, players must decide whether they will save Hotoke’s husband, Togo, or Monk Doshun. However, before a Ghost of Tsushima player makes this choice, he may want to know more about how this will affect his further passage, and this guide is here to shed light on this issue.

Updated September 16, 2022 by Michael Llewellyn: “The Ghost of Tsushima” is one of the best PlayStation exclusives. It has visuals and decor elements that look like they will become a bar for other games that want to use similar settings, such as the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Project Red. There are many quests in the game that require the player to make difficult decisions, the results of which will not always be black and white. The Impact of Loss is one of these quests. Jin must choose between rescuing one of the two hostages. The choice is not easy, but this guide will help players understand the possible consequences and, ultimately, decide which of the hostages to save in The Impact of Loss in Ghost of Tsushima.

Disclosure of the impact of loss

The impact of the loss becomes available after completing the quest “Journey to the Past”. Players will need to complete the following steps to find the “Impact of Loss” quest:

Go to the remnants of the battlefield in the southeast of Kidafure. Then Jin has to go to the southernmost shore of Lake Nagata. Talk to the men on the shore to get information about a monk named Doshin. Jin will agree to find Doshin. Follow the wind to find Hotoke. Jin will talk to the lady in yellow first. Then Gina will be sent to meet with Hotoke. Jin and Hotoke explore an abandoned village in Kidafura. Examine the bodies with Hotoke until they come across barrels of rice. Jin will need to follow Rhys’ trail. Jin meets the Mongols starting a fight. After the fight, Jin explores the beach and discovers that both Doshin and Hotoke’s husband, Togo, are being held captive by the Mongols. Unfortunately, Jin can only save one, and he has to choose which of the hostages to save in The Impact of Loss.

Which hostage should you rescue in Ghost of Tsushima’s The Impact of Lost?

As a rule, the choice between saving this or that Runner does not matter much, since it really only affects which video will be shown at the end of the quest. Indeed, players will receive the same rewards for completing this side story, regardless of who they save. This decision will no longer make any difference as players continue to explore the island of Iki in Ghost of Tsushima.

Thus, players only need to consider which outcome they prefer in terms of narrative when choosing a hostage they will rescue. If the player of the “Ghost of Tsushima” wants to be in the good graces of Hotoke and her family, he must choose to save him and let Doshun die. Conversely, if the player believes that the monk should stay alive, then he must accept that Hotoke will despise him and release Doshun. Unfortunately, it is impossible to save both hostages in The Impact of Loss. However, for those who are interested, here is the result of each selection in The Impact of Loss.

Choosing That

If Jin decides to save Him, Hotoke will tell him that she is pregnant, but she is afraid that Doshin will not be able to treat and support the camp. Upon returning, Jin discovers that Togo and Hotoke have been abandoned by the rest of the camp, which has left their fate in a desperate position.

Doshin’s Choice

If Jin decides to save Monk Doshin, Hotoke will be angry with him. Again, Hotoke will show that she is pregnant with Togo’s child. However, the camp residents remain, and Doshin feels that Hotoke will eventually forgive Jin. The monk thinks that Hotoke hid her pregnancy from Jin so that it would not affect his decision.

The Ghost of Tsushima: The Impact of Losing Rewards

As noted earlier, The Impact of Loss gives the same reward regardless of who the player decides to save. This reward is the Charm of Desperate Measures, which allows Jin to get an arrow by blocking it if he doesn’t have one. In addition, after the completion of the “Fairy Tale”, players will receive some progress in the “Legend” rank, which will surely interest those who have their eyes on the “Welfare of All Creatures” trophy in the “Iki Island” DLC for Ghost of Tsushima.

As for the trophies, there is one that requires players to complete all the side tales in this Ghost of Tsushima expansion. This trophy is called the “Friend of All Raiders”, and indeed, those who finish The Impact of Loss will be one step closer to receiving it. However, players also have to go through all the basic and mythical tales of the island of Iki to get this trophy, which is undoubtedly something of a challenge.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 and PS5.


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