The Germans Win: Mercedes Became Champion in F1


German team Mercedes won the championship with the points it got at the 13th race of the season, Emirates Gran Premio Dell’emilia Romagna GP, held in Italy. With the 7th consecutive championship, the German team also broke a record that was hard to break.

Formula 1 continues with a tight but exciting schedule. The champion of the teams in Formula 1, which will come to our country after two weeks, has been announced this weekend. The German giant Mercedes left no room for any surprises.

Bottas, one of the pilots of the team, which will mathematically guarantee the championship if any of its drivers are 4th in this race, managed to take the first place in the qualifying rounds yesterday. He was followed by his teammate, record-breaking name Hamilton.

When the first pit-stops started in the race, Hamilton had stated that he wanted to wait longer to enter the pits. The risk taken by the British pilot provided a significant advantage. The pilot, who was about 5 seconds behind when entering the pace, gained a serious advantage by entering the pace in the virtual safety car tour that came after Ocon was out of the race and climbed to the first place.

After this tour, Hamilton continued to race with his new tires, which were exactly 11 laps, and then widened the difference even more. In addition, Max Verstappen, whose right rear tire burst, was also out of the race. Then the safety car entered the runway.

After the championship candidate pilot of Red Bull, Mercedes’s biggest rival, was out of the race, there was no obstacle for the championship for the German team. Hamilton took the first place in the race, Bottas took the second place and Ricciardo from Renault took the third place. Thus, the team that achieved a historical success won the 7th championship in a row.

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The next race of the season in Formula 1 will be held in Istanbul 2 weeks later. In the race, which will be held without spectators due to the pandemic, Hamilton can also guarantee his championship.

One of the issues currently being discussed in Formula 1 is that the vehicles will be stopped for a year and they are expected to race with the same cars next season. If Hamilton, who will choose his new team at the end of the year, signs a contract with Mercedes once again, we can see a very similar season this year.


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