The Genshin Impact: what are the best characters


We offer you the current Tier List with the best characters that we can unlock and take in Genshin Impact, now available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android.

In Genshin Impact we can find and get a wide variety of characters with different and particular abilities and characteristics. As we explained in our game guide, we can reroll to try to get the best version of our initial protagonist since we started the game. Even so, as we progress in the adventure we can unlock more characters, either naturally as part of the story, by using special codes or by “asking for Wishes” and buying packs.

Here we leave you the current list of characters organized by their Tier, that is, global quality after adding various parameters such as their ability to explore, in fights against bosses, in dungeons or in the “abyss”. You can find all the information you need here, although we remember that these parameters may change progressively as the title progresses and players discover the real value of each character and its particular utility within Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Characters with Tier S

Diluc: DPS
Fischl: Support
Qiqi: Healer
Venti: Support

Genshin Impact Characters with Tier A

Barbara: Healer
Chongyun: DPS
Jean: Healer
Keqing: DPS
Mona: DPS
Razor: DPS
Traveler (Anemo): Support
Xiangling: DPS and Support
Xiao: DPS

Genshin Impact Characters with Tier B

Kaeya: Support
Klee: DPS
Ningguang: DPS
Sucrose: Support
Traveler (Geo): Support
Xingqiu: Support

Genshin Impact Characters with Tier C

Beidou: DPS
Bnnett: DPS, Support
Lisa: Support
Noelle: DPS, Support

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Genshin Impact Characters with Tier D

Amber: Support


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