The Genshin Impact Leak Shows Which Harbingers of the Photo will become Playable


While the list of playable characters seems to be the focus of Genshin Impact, the game also offers a variety of iconic villains. Enemies in Genshin Impact can be divided into different families, from harmless slugs to terrifying mystical beasts.

Of all the enemies in the game, most players are allocated one group, and they are called the Eleven Harbingers of Fatui. These are mysterious fighters working for the Fatui organization under the command of the cryoarchon Genshin Impact, known as the Queen.

The recent Genshin Impact teaser featuring the famous Harbingers certainly shocked the community. Nine of the eleven Harbingers gathered to pay tribute to another Harbinger named Rosalyn, who died in battle against the powerful Electroarchon known as Raiden Shogun. The video attracted a lot of attention in the community, as the developer HoYoverse showed the design of all the Harbingers for the first time. With all the new characters, a large part of the community began to wonder which ones it would be possible to play for. SpendYourPrimos, one of the most authoritative sources of information in the world of Genshin Impact, told which Harbingers are likely to join the game list in the future.

The leader confirms that six of them will definitely become playable, two — with a high probability, and there is no information about Piero and Rosaline, also known as La Signora, yet. To add Rosailin to the game list, the HoYoverse developer somehow had to bring her back from the dead. In the case of Pierrot, the main reason his status is unknown is probably because players suspect he may be one of the villains at the end of the game, as he is rumored to be the strongest of the Eleven Harbingers of Faturi.

There are only ten names on the list of leaks, because one of the Harbingers, Tartaglia, better known as Child, is already part of the game list. At the time of his appearance in the game, players expected more Harbingers to follow him, but it seems HoYoverse decided to take his time. According to recent leaks from Genshin Impact, of the remaining Harbingers, Scaramouche has the highest chances of appearing on one of the upcoming banners.

There are rumors that it may appear in the Genshin Impact 3.2 update, which should be released around November 2022. Leaks have already revealed that he will be a new user of the Genshin Impact catalyst with the ability to launch a power beam that deals elemental damage over an area. Nevertheless, these leaks should be treated with a degree of skepticism, since HoYoverse did not even reveal its element, despite the fact that it made it an important part of the story.

Genshin Impact is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is currently under development.