The Genshin Impact Leak Hints at a Free Four-Star Character in the 3.2 Update


A new Genshin Impact leak reveals that players can get a four-star character for free in one of the upcoming updates. The developer of HoYoverse often gives out a free copy of a four-star character for players who complete quests limited to this upgrade.

The second stage of the current version 3.0 introduced one new character named Dori. A popular Genshin Impact leader named Ubatcha1 reported that players will apparently be given a free version of the recently released four-star Electro user.

According to the source, Dory will be distributed for free in update 3.2, which is scheduled for early November. She is part of the ongoing second phase double banner for Genshin Impact version 3.0, which features two popular five-star characters, Ganyu and Kokomi. This means that players who want to pull the current banner for the sole purpose of getting Dory should probably wait for 3.2 to avoid the risk of getting an unwanted five-star and spoiling their pity for 90 wishes.

Dory will be a free character in 3.2 from Genshin_Impact_Leaks.

Dori is one of the most interesting characters in the new Sumeru region, where she plays the role of a powerful merchant whose world revolves around collecting as much Pestilence as possible. Besides being the most skilled trader in the Twilight, Dori is also a very good fighter. Many players had hoped that HoYoverse would give away a free copy of Dory in the current update, but unfortunately this did not happen, probably because another four-star character named Collie had already arrived for free.

When it comes to Dori’s strength on the battlefield, she is the new Genshin Impact healer who can also serve as a support for the Electro app. Another strength of Dori is the ability to recharge Energy for her group, which can be crucial for some types of command structures. Her Elemental Burst is considered the main attribute of her kit, as it allows her to summon Ginny in a lamp to help on the battlefield. Arriving on the field, Ginny connects to the enemy and constantly restores health depending on Dori’s maximum health.

This means that in order to maximize her healing potential, players must accumulate HP when creating this Electro-Claymore character. In general, players should use Dory if they need an Electro Healer who can apply the Electro element with his explosion, trigger some Elemental reactions and apply decent treatment.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4 and PS5. The Switch version is in development, the release date has not been confirmed.


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