The Genshin Effect: Annual spend will be twice the budget


Genshin Impact has proved to be a real success among the public, and the MiHoYo team must have several ideas for future content. And, according to information released by the company’s president, this is expected to cost around $ 200 million annually – double what was used for the initial development, which was apparently $ 100 million.

The data in question was confirmed by Cai Haoyu in an interview with the Chinese website 16p, which apparently leads us to think that this budget is much larger than that of many projects that are active out there (especially if we consider the fact that this is a title free). Another detail mentioned is that currently the production company has 700 people working on the game, that is, almost 30% of the total employees present in its board (which currently is about 2,400 professionals).

Genshin Impact is available in versions for PC, Playstation 4, iOS and Android.

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