The gameplay video of Sonic’s Borders demonstrates an Uninhabited Island, the Boss of the Titans, the Level of Urban Cyberspace


Sonic Frontiers’ transition from a level-based structure to an open world marks the biggest gameplay change in Blue Blur’s 3D career. Fans compared it to Nintendo’s own implementation of the Zelda series in Breath of the Wild, where the two games have many similar elements. Fans have been studying the game closely since it was fully revealed, and the release date of Sonic Frontiers was fully revealed at Gamescom.

Gamescom also introduced a game demo of Sonic Frontiers, where fans could master an early build of the game. This demo gave players the opportunity to run around in the open world, as well as try themselves in battles and actively advertised Cyber Space levels. Overall impressions of this demo version are positive, many players are happy with the gameplay. More of these elements have been demonstrated in a new IGN Japan game video showing the direct gameplay of a new area known as Ares Island.

This Sonic Frontiers game video begins with a charged homing attack, when Sonic can jump to the nearest enemy, which can be followed by an attack similar to the Blue Tornado from Sonic Heroes. It also shows Sonic collecting several medallions and rings locked inside the capsules. Players can also find Coco on various platforms in this desolate area. Combat parts have also been shown against regular enemies, where Sonic can use his Shell to stun multiple enemies and then use his Spin Slash Kick attack as a follow-up. Slashes also seem to switch between enemies after one of them has been defeated.

This video also included a brief demonstration of the battle with the titan boss, where it seems that Sonic can launch a wave of Ki-explosions to attack this enemy. The video also shows that the Cyloop is an integral action against the boss, where he inflates the enemy after the trail is connected. From there, Sonic can use a homing attack to bounce off an enemy, which allows him to use the cage to hit the boss multiple times. This is a similar attack that Sonic uses at the end of the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

This demo from IGN Japan also includes an extensive city-themed Cyber Space level, showcasing the many alternative paths the player can choose to reach the goal, with an aesthetic similar to the Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure. Another lush area of Kronos Island was also demonstrated, where players can find Coco, as well as collect hearts.

Sonic Frontiers will be released on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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