The gameplay of Resident Evil 4 Remake will become a balance


After years of rumors, Capcom has finally confirmed a remake of Resident Evil 4. Even better, the release date has also been revealed, and it’s only nine months away. Fans of Resident Evil 4 have been waiting for this remake since Capcom’s intention to remake the classic parts of RE became clear. The original game was revolutionary in the world of third-person shooters and was such a huge success that for several years it distracted Resident Evil to horror gameplay.

Now the return of the series to horror will be transferred back to Resident Evil 4. One of the most charming aspects of the original game was its extremely mannered action, which had everything from a mechanized pursuit of a statue to working with a helicopter to attack a military base. Fans can’t wait to see how this remake interprets the game’s many sets, although there are some concerns that the new atmosphere will rob it of its charm. Resident Evil 4 was first of all an action game, and second of all a horror game, and the remake should be careful with how it mixes these elements in its gameplay.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Continue to Include Horror

When Capcom looked at the presence of Resident Evil on seventh-generation consoles, she saw that the series had moved away from its horror roots. This revelation led first to the Resident Evil Revelation games, and then to Resident Evil 7. Modern Resident Evil still uses heavy shooter elements, but has also enhanced the survival horror aspects. Games sometimes seem like pure horror for short stretches, often almost at the very beginning. Resident Evil 8 took a more experimental approach to this, creating different scenarios with different levels of action and horror throughout the game. This may be the approach that Resident Evil 4 Remake uses, as it is most similar to the segmented format of the original game.

Resident Evil 4 is packed to bursting with various decorations and locations. Most remember the general development of the village, castle and military base, but there are many other environments everywhere. The moments when Leon has to fend off an endless horde of villagers and Ashley has to navigate the castle alone are definitely the two most horror-inspired parts, and Resident Evil 4 Remake will probably highlight them. In addition to the generally darker atmosphere, there will probably be more ammunition shortages and moments when Leon and Ashley will need to escape from their enemies. Bitores Mendes, who already looks like Mr. X, could be used as a wandering tyrant at the beginning of RE4R, and later he could be replaced by several elite enemies. In the Spanish countryside teeming with Las Plagas, there is still plenty of scope for horror.

There should also be a lot of action in the remake of Resident Evil 4

However, this is not a replacement for what made Resident Evil 4 good and memorable. The action elements of the original game must be preserved. Resident Evil 4 is notable in the wider RE series in that it has clearly marked levels straight from an arcade shooter, and is the first Resident Evil game in which fast events are actively used. Perhaps the biggest part of Resident Evil 4 was that enemies reacted to being shot at different parts of their bodies. The main gameplay cycle, which consists in stunning the enemy with a shot to the head or leg and performing context-dependent hand-to-hand combat, is iconic and will upset fans if it is removed.

So the Resident Evil 4 Remake has to walk a tightrope between emphasizing a darker, more terrifying tone and incorporating action mechanics and sequences. There will probably be moments that will change one way or another, and Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t be without both of them. However, since the actual combat gameplay has not yet been revealed, fans are nervous that Leon’s fight could have been changed. Dynamic enemy damage and action mechanics were present in past Resident Evil remakes, so the Resident Evil 4 Remake should preserve both of them. You just have to be careful with extreme changes, such as replacing the attacking strikes and suplexes of the original game with defensive mechanics, such as the RE3 Remake evasion. This can increase tension and fear, but, as follows from the endings of the Resident Evil 4 segments, this is not all the game is about.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is released on March 24, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.