The game “Dune”, canceled in 2002, is released under a new name


The cancelled 2001 Dune game has finally been released under the new title Elland: The Crystal Wars.

Formerly known as Dune: Ornithopter Assault, the game’s development began 20 years ago as a game for the Game Boy Advance, based on the popular Frank Herbert book series. The game was closed in 2002, and the Cryo Interactive team that created it was forced to stop all work on the project.

Now, after raising over $21,222 (£18,915) on Kickstarter with 352 backers, the game has been released on Steam thanks to a small business that specializes in game preservation, The Retro Room Games (via PC Gamer).

In Elland: The Crystal Wars, the player takes on the role of Ethan Lancashire, one of the best fighter pilots of Elland Inc., whose job is to deliver crystal collectors to crystal fields and prevent smugglers from destroying them.

The game takes place on the desert planet Elland on the outskirts of the galaxy, where minerals and crystals used in the construction of galactic star cruisers are mined. There are 23 game missions in which the player will also need to pilot modern aircraft equipped with heavy artillery.

The game also includes state-of-the-art quality of life features such as the ability to save at any time during the game, controller support and reassignment, cloud storage, as well as image scaling and anti-aliasing options.

Elland: The Crystal Wars was released on Steam today (October 3) and is currently being offered for £11.15 instead of £12.39.

As for other news, Horizon Forbidden West may receive completely new content in the future. That’s according to actor Lance Reddick, who plays the character Silence, who shared a now-deleted video saying he was “… at a session for Horizon Forbidden West!”


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