The Game Awards will be held on December 10


The quintessential gala of the video game world will be held this year between Tokyo, London and Los Angeles

Through Variety it has been announced that despite the global pandemic, there will be The Game Awards gala this year, specifically on December 10. Under the circumstances, it will be a digital event, broadcast live from three locations: London, Tokyo and Los Angeles in 4K and via 45 different video platforms. One of the objectives of this format will be to make it more interactive, so that the public can interact more through social networks, streaming platforms and in-game events to be announced.

Connect everyone

In the report that serves as the starting gun, its executive producer and presenter, Geoff Keighley, acknowledges that he never had doubts that the event would be held, but was not clear on how to present it, considering the option of a low profile from home. But once he spoke to his board of directors and various senior video game company executives, the message they conveyed was to “do it, and do it big.” Hence the idea of ​​doing it in three different locations was born, although Keighley also cites Death Stranding and his goal of “connecting locations” as inspiration, a new recognition of that special relationship that the figure has with Hideo Kojima.


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