The Future Of Spider-Man? Sony And Marvel Have A “Great” Relationship


Spider-Man: The Marvel Cinematic Universe will have Tom Holland for a while; now it is confirmed that the relationship between the two companies remains in good condition. Sony Pictures has remarked that the agreement between Marvel Studios and the Japanese firm for the use of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue in the future. Speaking to ComicBook, President Tom Rothman has responded to the report that producer Amy Pascal is targeting more Spider-Man movies at the MCU in the future.

It’s reciprocal. So we lend one character and they lend another, that’s how Benedict [Cumberbatch] can be in this movie, ”explains Roth, in the voice of Sony. Those loans are guaranteed for the future; not just for Marvel Studios characters to appear in the Sony universe, but the other way around.

“What I can say, and this is actually a first, is that the two companies have a great working relationship. I think it is a shared hope that this will continue as it has now. Actually there is nothing definitive at the moment, ”she admits, since Spider-Man: No Way Home has to be released first. Then they will have conversations again.

The exact words of Amy Pascal is that Marvel and Sony had already started work on a new trilogy with Tom Holland as the protagonist, but it is not official. The ending of the Venom: There Will Be Carnage movie was quite revealing going forward.