The funny way that the wife of the host of the bachelorette party Jesse Palmer makes sure that he does not leak important spoilers


Bachelor Nation is a dedicated band. They play the game from their homes almost as carefully as the participants, who are actually in the Bachelor and Bachelorette mansions or on the beaches and resorts of Bachelor In Paradise. Of course, they don’t have as much skin in the game as the real participants, but that doesn’t mean that the viewers of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor” aren’t as interested in the drama and the results of each season. There’s a reason we’re covering spoilers from seasons and episodes of a popular reality show. And few people have better access to these spoilers than Jesse Palmer, the host of all three programs in the franchise.

Do you know how easy it would be for Jesse Palmer to leak the details he knows about the participants, episodes and results? He knows. And his wife Emeli Fardo knows for sure. That’s why she keeps a close eye on Palmer’s social media feeds and Twitter account, because she understands that the “Bachelor” detectives combing the Internet for clues can (in fact, will) translate any information that Palmer publishes there, interpreting it in a certain way. During an interview with CinemaBlend before the return of “The Bachelor” in season 19 (with the atmosphere of a real “Bachelor in Paradise”) Palmer told us about how he protects valuable information:

I’m trying to be pretty careful. I am very attentive to what I post on social networks. I do not know if there have been big internal conversations about this or not. I think everyone is just using their best judgment, obviously. It’s very difficult to keep everything a secret these days. But my wife is very… there are times when I want to publish something, and she’s like, “You’re not publishing this. You can’t post this. Look at the bachelor. Look who’s there. This person is in, you’re going to cast!” So I have something like a checklist. She’s like my bachelor postal police, if you will. Making sure I don’t get into trouble.

I think we all need it. Imagine that someone who loves you looks through your social media posts and reminds you, “This is not a good idea.” Super useful. Especially considering the fact that Bachelor Nation is so active on social media. There were all the messages from viewers lobbying for Gabby Windy to become the bachelor in season 19. And when it turned out that the show would go down in history when two bachelors would compete for love, interest in the season reached an unprecedented level. high. Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia talked about their feelings, sharing the battle for love. So contact them, not Jesse Palmer, for details before the premiere.

“The Bachelorette Party” on ABC returns for another season on Monday, July 11, at 20:00. In addition to the fact that this show is coming back, we have a full rundown of all the returning TV shows that will be released this month and through the end of 2022.