The Funny Way Neil Patrick Harris Found Out He Was in Harold & Kumar


Neil Patrick Harris tells how he found out that he was played in the movie “Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle”. Stoner’s cult comedy became a box office hit when it premiered in theaters in 2004, becoming one of the most popular films of that year. The commercial success of Harold and Kumar brought the film two sequels and ardent fans who continued to support the spirit of the film over the years. With John Cho starring as Harold and Kal Pen as Kumar, their sequels “Harold and Kumar’s Escape from Guantanamo Bay” and “A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas” showed even better box office worldwide.

Harris plays an exaggerated, drug-addicted version of himself in Harold and Kumar and reprises his role throughout the series. However, Harris was a relatively unknown actor at the time when the script for the first film was being written. Before his role in How I Met Your Mother, Harris had little acting credit, but thanks to Harold and Kumar, that was about to change.

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During an interview with GQ, discussing his most favorite characters, Neil Patrick Harris tells how strangely he found out that he was played in Harold and Kumar. Harris learned about his role in the film from a phone conversation with a friend. A friend said that Harris was written into the script of the film “Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle.” To his horror, Harris accepted the offer to star in the film on the condition that they would not change the way his character was originally written. Check out the full story of what happened during that phone call below:

“Harold and Kumar were very strange. I was living in Los Angeles, and a friend called me and said: “I’m auditioning for this movie you’re in,” and I had no idea what he was talking about. I haven’t been in any movies. And he said, yes, it’s “Harold and Kumar get gum” or whatever it was called at the time, I think, and it didn’t make sense. And that’s why I said: “Are you serious or are you kidding? and he said, “you don’t know that you were cast in the movie as a crazy version of you,” and then I panicked a little bit because I didn’t want to be the butt of the joke.. for example, who will play so I called my agent… so they sent me the script and it was really funny, I was flattered to be honest… my only requirement was that I sign up and they didn’t rewrite or change it. ”

Written by John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, it’s almost impossible to imagine Harold and Kumar without Harris. Fortunately, Harris accepted the role and had a successful career in both film and television. It is important to note that most actors must reach the peak of critical success before they are allowed to play a cameo role in a movie or show, but Harris proved his self-awareness and comedic abilities early in his career, so much so that he starred as himself in a feature film. film. His work in the early 2000s continued to build on his success.

Loyal fans of the Harold and Kumar franchise want a fourth sequel, as do the actors themselves. With John Cho and Kal Pen on board to make a new pieceĀ Harold and Kumar may be in space, it’s hard to imagine Harris not wanting to be a part of it if that happens. Harris was an integral part of Harold and Kumar’s success, and even if the franchise ended with three films, it will live on forever through a lot of memes and jokes about the White Castle.


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