The full potential of the “God” Venom is finally revealed by Marvel


Warning! Contains a preview of Venom #9.

Surpassing the role of the new King in Marvel’s Black, Eddie Brock’s Venom is about to unleash all its divine powers. Having found a mentor by none other than Kang the Conqueror, the time-traveling despot explains what Eddie Brock is capable of now that he is no longer human in a new Venom preview. It is noteworthy that the Marvel symbiote protagonist is much stronger than the Spider-Man villain he once was.

In previous installments of Marvel’s new Venom series, Eddie Brock’s physical human body was blown up and destroyed by the Life Foundation and a massive conspiracy known as the Missing Throne. However, Eddie hasn’t used his body that much since he became the King in Black. With access to the entire collective mind of the symbiotes in the Marvel universe, Eddie can transfer his consciousness to any symbiote in time and space. However, using this power is easier said than done. Leaving his original Venom symbiote on Earth to bind and protect his son Dylan, Eddie embarked on a massive adventure that brought him face to face with future Kings in Black, who also share his power.

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Now, in a new preview for “Venom #9” from Al Ewing and Brian Hitch, Eddie learns how strong he really is from Kang the Conqueror. According to Kang, the only real limitation that Venom has is thinking as a person and the limits of his own imagination. No longer having a human body, the King in Black can take any form he wants, inhabiting an infinite number of symbiotes. This undoubtedly makes him one of the most powerful heroes in the entire Marvel universe, putting him on a par with Dr. Manhattan from the Guardians universe. However, Kang notes that Venom has yet to master the control of this extraordinary power. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming release:

VENOM No. 9. THE CELL IS OPEN. Eddie Brock is still getting used to his place in the symbiote hive, and with new allies and familiar faces giving him advice along the way, Eddie remains as cunning, cautious and reckless as ever. Little does he know, his battle in space has just begun, and Kang the Conqueror takes a seat in the front row for his first act!

While Eddie is certainly excited about his new opportunities as a symbiote, Kang is absolutely right that he still has a lot to learn. For example, Venom doesn’t seem to fully understand the intricacies of time and its ability to influence its natural course (and the dangers it can cause). That’s why Kang the Conqueror is the perfect mentor to help the King in Black gain access to his full power. After all, time travel is his bread and butter.

While Kang has his ulterior motives working with another King in Black named Meridius who wants Eddie and Dylan dead, it looks like the Avengers villain is still interested in training Venom. Maybe he is playing for both sides in his own interests? In any case, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Eddie Brock is able to fully unleash his divine powers. Venom #9 will be released on July 27.


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