The Full Barbie Trailer Reveals The Crazy Plot of The Movie and More About Margot Robbie’s Legs


Since the Barbie movie was first announced, there have been many views on how the beloved doll will be adapted for the film. Director Greta Gerwig has assembled a killer cast to occupy both the Barbie world and the real world, starting with Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie. The full Barbie trailer revealed the crazy plot of the movie and more about Robbie’s legs.

When the footage for Barbie began to appear on the Internet, perhaps the most iconic shot showed the main character Margot Robbie taking off her heels and showing that her legs are still arched like dolls. As a result, the Internet was obsessed with Robbie’s legs, and it turned out that they are actually the main plot point in the film. As you can see in the trailer above, her legs finally became flat and hit the ground, which was a cause for concern among the rest of the Barbies.

The new trailer tells about the fun and joy of the Barbie world. She and the other dolls deny logic and gravity, and there are plenty of magical moments in this trailer. This includes the fact that the main character Robbie hovers from the roof of his house every day and organizes a massive party of all Barbies with choreography. But in the midst of this bliss, she seems to be going through an existential crisis, saying: “Have you ever thought about death?” Her doll colleagues don’t know how to respond to such questions.

When something goes wrong, including Barbie’s legs getting flat, she looks for the Weird Barbie Kate McKinnon. This character amusingly moves into the “Matrix” and offers Barbie Robbie the opportunity to move away from her fantasy land and find out the truth about the real world. But instead of pills, she has to choose whether to wear shiny heels or birkenstocks. She just needs support to choose the last option and go to the real world.

Along the way, Barbie learns that Ryan Gosling’s Ken was a stowaway, intending to accompany her on her adventure. After a delightful montage in which the couple uses different types of vehicles, they eventually do just that. That’s when the trailer includes a scene of Robbie and Gosling skating on roller skates, which went viral when photographers took pictures of the pair shooting.

This new trailer offers a lot more plot details than the first Barbie teaser, but smart money says Greta Gerwig has a lot more surprises up her sleeve for the real movie. This includes the specifics of the character Will Ferrell, who is apparently the CEO of Mattel. We also get to know the character of America Ferrera, who I believe will become an ally of Barbie in the real world. But considering how many stars there are in the film, reasonable money says that each of them will be given time to prove themselves.

Barbie is expected to hit theaters on July 21. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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