The friendship between Mexico and South Korea reflected


Soccer will bring Mexico and South Korea together, but the fun started before the sporting match thanks to memories of the friendship between the two countries.

The 2018 World Cup in Russia left us with great memories, but an insurmountable moment occurred when, thanks to the South Korean team, the Mexican National Team managed to qualify for the round of 16. Soccer lovers in Mexico thanked the other team for making it possible for the national team to remain in the Cup, but now that Mexico and Korea will meet in a match, the fun took over social networks.

As it happened in 2018 when the memes captured in a fun way the classification of the Mexican team, 2020 did not provide a new episode where the friendship of both countries became visible.

The Mexican National Team and South Korea will meet in a friendly match that has captivated the attention of soccer lovers, but also those who have been interested in Korean culture and K-Pop.


The sporting match is played this afternoon but, prior to the game, on social networks it is possible to find funny images that raise the position of many K-Pop fans regarding the dilemma of which team they should support.

Memes expose various situations, such as family interaction during the game, love for their own country, and the way their loyalty can go from one place to another according to the situation.

All of them are gestures of Mexican humor that we see present at all times and with the sole objective of having fun before a friendly soccer match.

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