The Fresh Prince of Rap: You’d never guess who refused to read Will Smith’s memoir


Ever since The Fresh Prince of Rap series premiered in the 1990s and became a smash hit for decades, this pair of African-American actors have built a solid and often-tested friendship. Not only because of the relationship of cousins ​​who had to act in front of the cameras, but because they are a couple of people with unparalleled charisma, we are talking about Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks).

Inside the Banks mansion in Bel-Air both grew up together, being antagonistic roles due to Will’s personality always more outgoing and mischievous, compared to Carlton’s aristocratic and elitist attitude. But outside the set they always had a very good friendship that they have always professed even in these times when those same cameras are pointing at only one of them in particular and for other reasons.

Indeed, for Will Smith to baptize a book after the pandemic, where he collects his memories and anecdotes of a lifetime, it was a great event in which he thought he could find the support of his closest family and friends. Although this time, for Ribeiro, it was not the case since he said in an interview that he would not read the autobiographical text “Will” that he released in 2021.

To the surprise of many followers of these artists, the reason that Ribeiro explained is valid and even the author of the book “Will” understood it, but if both maintain such a deep friendship and for so many years, it was a statement that left the viewer disconcerted. public who wondered on social networks why Ribeiro did not want to support this step of such an important caliber in Smith’s life.

“For many, many, many years, people have speculated about them as a (Smith) family. They are exposing it in a way that is their truth. I don’t know if I will read the book because I know the people.” This Ribeiro said so as not to read “Will”.

In other words, Alfonso Ribeiro is not interested in reading the book because he already knows what it contains and it is enough for him, because he already knows his friend for a long time and first hand, so sitting down and getting other nuances of that life it is not in your interest. So did Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who put off reading the book by his colleague and friend Anthony Kiedis entitled “Scar Tissue” for reasons similar to those of Ribeiro.

However, Will Smith did not write the book only for his “cousin Carlton”, but more for himself and also for his fans, as an opportunity to make himself known as a person and thus share his life, points of view and decisions. with the world.