The Fresh Prince of Rap: Episode where Will Smith and Chris Rock perform and were still friends


More than 30 years have passed since that premiere of The Prince of Rap, in which we learned the story of Will (Will Smith) and his wealthy family who lived in Bel-Air; and everything that took place in this series where his protagonist was able to interact with some figures with whom he now unfortunately stars in a rather controversial and mediatic scene.

The unfortunate episode to which we refer did not appear in The Prince of Rap, but it did appear at the Academy Awards, where two former colleagues and colleagues starred in a scene that remained at the top of social media trends globally. Yes, we are talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock after making an unfortunate comment about his wife Jada’s alopecia. Gone is that other opportunity where they shared the attention of the cameras on the set of Bel-Air.

However, this pair of comedic geniuses had already interacted together before all the Oscars controversy. This is the second episode of the show’s sixth and final season in which Chris Rock plays two characters. On the one hand, Maurice Perry is a supposed special guest who agrees to participate in Hilary’s (Karyn Parsons) talk show with the only condition for Will (Smith) to date his twin sister “Justine” (Rock).

In a sequence full of humor and a lot of comedy from the Prince of Rap, Rock disguised as a woman and Smith go to a nightclub, where the character behaves suggestively about our young protagonist, which causes thousands of laughs when seeing this pair in that scene. so particular.

Within the same scene, there is a moment in which Chris Rock, who was wearing a blonde wig and a fairly tight animal print dress, begins to dance seductively and always stares into Will Smith’s eyes; which scares this fresh prince of Bel-Air, so he pretends that he doesn’t feel well in his stomach and needs to end the date immediately.

It’s a real shame about the most recent events involving this pair of comedy artists. The situation that occurred at the Oscars still keeps both in the spotlight, despite the fact that Smith apologized both to Rock and to the Academy from which he resigned, but his violent action cost him the veto to attend the award ceremony for the next 10 years.