The Free Resident Evil 7 Update is not free for PS Plus Collection owners


We recently learned that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will receive a new generation update, but if you purchased the game through the PS Plus collection, it’s not free.

Capcom shared a lot of interesting news during the summer presentation of 2022, among which was the announcement that several Resident Evil games received unexpected free updates of the new generation.

The PS Plus collection is exclusive to PS5 subscribers for PlayStation Plus, giving them a choice of 20 classic PS4 games at no extra charge, but in this case it has a significant drawback. Digital copies of Resident Evil 7 obtained from the PS Plus collection are not eligible for a free upgrade of the PS5 version, which means that players need to purchase the game separately in order to get the extended version.

This is not the first PlayStation Plus game for which an update is not provided. Final Fantasy VII: Remake was provided for free to PS Plus subscribers at the beginning of last year, but this copy of the game could not be upgraded to the PS5 version, which forced players to buy the game to get access to updated features and exclusives of the new generation. The intermission of the DLC episode.

Sony finally reversed its decision last December and started allowing those with the PS Plus Collection version of Final Fantasy VII: Remake to upgrade to the PS5 version, but for many it was too late. It’s unclear if Sony will eventually do the same for Resident Evil 7, but it will certainly be appreciated by those who don’t want to dig into their wallets for what they already have.

The new generation version of Resident Evil 7 offers improved visual effects, higher frame rate and ray tracing. In addition, PS5 players can take advantage of 3D audio and DualSense features for deeper immersion.

Billy Givens is a freelance writer for IGN.