The Frame TV: Samsung Announced For Art Lovers


The Frame is introduced. Samsung has launched its new television called The Frame, which creates a frame view when the TV is not used.

Samsung has launched its new TV, which creates a frame view when the TV is not in use. The company named the television The Frame 2021. The price of the television abroad was also announced on the official website.

Frames can be customized as you wish

The 2021 model of The Frame, which can be used as a frame when the television is on, is presented to the user with its 43-inch design. Samsung The Frame lets you create your own television with a variety of customization options. With the 2021 version, you can choose different colored frames.

Besides colorful frames, you can upload and view travel photos on the device. 5 different matte layouts and 16 different color palettes are offered to make the pictures more realistic. The Frame’s new uber-chic 2021 model is 46 percent thinner than its predecessor.

The television increases the image quality with QLED technology, which offers 100 percent color ratio, enhanced contrast and more detailed details. The Frame 2021; It comes with Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, powerful Quantum 4K processor, 4K artificial intelligence magnification options and SpaceFit Sound that adjusts the volume according to your room’s environment.

The Frame 2021 will be offered with remotes that do not need external batteries, can be charged with space lights, and are powered by solar cells. Samsung states that the reason for this initiative is to reduce greenhouse emissions.

One of the most important features of television is the presence of an art mode. The Frame 2021 comes with additional original artwork to suit individual tastes. It offers a library of more than 1,400 works of art from world-renowned institutions.

Sandeep Singh Arora, Senior Director of Consumer Electronics Online Business, Samsung India, said, “Consumers today are looking for products that are a blend of great design and cutting-edge technology. When designing their homes, they want technology to be added to the distinctive and personalized elements of their lifestyle. With The Frame 2021, we empower our consumers to transform their living spaces with customizable bezel options, while also delivering better image quality through our QLED technology.” made statements.

Samsung The Frame 2021 is available with a price tag starting at $999.99. It first met with consumers in India.


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