The founder of Venus Et Fleur Sima Bansal Chadha did not know that Kanye West was going to order flowers for her new friend Cheney Jones


Kanye West hit the headlines in March when he gave a rare Birkin bag to a new girlfriend Cheney Jones, but it was the silver roses in the tone that attracted the attention of the founder of Venus et Fleur Sima Bansal Chadha.

“And that was kind of the case. For example, we all saw it on social media, [exactly] like everyone else, because we didn’t know he bought them.”

Complex floral arrangements of Chadhi, which last up to one year without watering, have become favorites among celebrities such as West and Kardashian-Jenners. “The Kardashians have been very supportive of the business from the very beginning,” the florist said. “They were among the first supporters. Courtney and Chloe posted on Valentine’s Day, and it accelerated our growth. And that was in 2016.”

She continued, “You know, we were such a small business at the time, and it really helped us grow. And the family was very supportive of me.”

The famous family has its own special requests when it comes to orders from Venus et Fleurs. According to Chadhi, Kim Kardashian still prefers “neutral” colors to everything else, while 37-year-old Khloe has switched from white roses to “pink and bright pink.” However, 43-year-old Courtney and her fiance Travis Barker chose a more punk-rock approach to choosing bouquets for their home: “Now they love red and black, black [roses].”

The Kardashian-Jenners are likely to showcase a lot of these flowers on Mother’s Day, as the famous family often showers bouquets every May.

On the eve of the holiday, Venus et Fleur launches a new collection called “The Language of Flowers”. “This is a very specific print, nostalgic, for example, for your grandmother’s house or for something that your mother would like to have in her house,” Chadha explained. “So we thought we’d bring it back. …We [also] have an additional collection coming towards the end of May.”

The company also produces greeting cards and fragrances inspired by the Venus et Fleur business card — rose. “There are three different flavors of three different ideas about roses. So we have a very fresh rose, a very sharp and feminine rose, and then we have a pink oud, which is a little more unisex,” she said.

Venus et Fleur is not just for celebrities. “They are a constant reminder of the moment when you get them because they last so long and look so beautiful,” Chadha added. “There are so many different styles, and we’re constantly trying to make sure we have something for everyone. …And don’t water them. So that’s another plus.”