The founder of Telegram has declared warns on WhatsApp!


WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps. Although there have been many alternatives to WhatsApp lately, no one has been able to overthrow WhatsApp yet. On the other hand, WhatsApp adding new features to protect its place continues to be discussed due to security vulnerabilities.

Is WhatsApp really safe?

The founder of Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors, also drew attention to some security flaws in the app. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that attackers can get access to everything on WhatsApp users’ phones.

Durov actually stated that WhatsApp has very serious security vulnerabilities. Speaking about the fact that attackers can gain control of WhatsApp users’ phones only through video or video call, Durov advises people to stop using WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp claims to have closed the vulnerability that Durov mentioned in the latest update, the Telegram founder claims that this may not be enough. Durov; He stated that the security of the application, which gave similar vulnerabilities in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, causes great controversy.

Durov believes that no matter how many updates are made, these security vulnerabilities in WhatsApp will not disappear. He stated that it is almost impossible to fix an application that constantly issues new security vulnerabilities after a fixed problem.

The Telegram founder has previously blamed WhatsApp for the same reasons. Durov went even further, saying that WhatsApp has been used by some as a legitimate surveillance tool for 13 years.

Stressing that Telegram already has more than 700 million users and that it has reached 2 million daily users, Durov stressed that his own application does not need new users. The founder of Telegram says that he made all these statements for the safety of users.

So, do you think the statements of Telegram founder Pavel Durov are sincere? You can share your opinion with us in the comments section.


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