The former general manager of the NFL sharply commented on Ezekiel Elliott


Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys were the No. 1 offensive leader in the NFL last season, running back Ezekiel Elliott did not have the best season in 2021. But one former NFL general manager thinks it’s unlikely he’ll be able to get back in shape. .

On Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s Get Up, former Jets and Dolphins general manager Mike Tannenbaum said he doesn’t believe the Cowboys should make Ezekiel the center of their offense in 2022. He pointed to the decrease in yards per game and said the Cowboys with him in that role are “average at best.”

“Zeke Elliott was yesterday’s news…” Tannenbaum said. “If they attack through it, then at best they are average.”

That’s a pretty harsh assessment. But there’s no denying that Elliott wasn’t the same runner in 2021 (or 2020, for that matter) as he was when he entered the league in 2016 and took the NFL by storm.

Ezekiel Elliott has gained just under 2,000 yards in the last two seasons, four hundred fewer than in any other two–year period in his career.

However, a possible reason for its reduced effectiveness is a decrease in the number of touches. Last year, despite starting in all 17 games, Elliott averaged 13.9 carries per game, splitting time with Tony Pollard.

Of course, the Cowboys could have given Elliott fewer carries due to the fact that he didn’t gain enough yards with those carries, but the fact remains that he wasn’t used as a “cowbell” as they used him, as in his first few races. seasons.

Over the past two years, Elliott has averaged just 15 carries per game compared to the 20 carries per game he had in his first two seasons.

Is Mike Tannenbaum right?


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