The former actor also reveals the strangest service that Disney World guests are asking for in a viral TikTok: & Not Every cast member is your friend


Walt Disney World is a magical place, and part of that is due to the cast that works there. They are always friendly and quite often do their best to make guests’ stay in the parks as magical as possible. But please don’t confuse their attempts to do a good job with the fact that they are your friends. They are not your friends.

DapperManatee is a former Disney World actor who shares a lot of funny stories about his time in parks, and one of his videos on TikTok attracts a little more attention than usual. In this clip, he talks about how random guests asked him to break the rules or do other strange things, as if they had a relationship, which, of course, is not.

A lot of actors who work at Walt Disney World do it because they like the place and that’s why they love their job, but it’s still a job. And sometimes cast members get a lot of grief for their work. The cast, who are asked for help when they are no longer working, finds themselves in a difficult position. They probably want to help, but they also want to go home. Let’s all agree to make them solid and leave them alone. Ask for help from the people who are still on duty. Some of these actors were supposed to be snake fighters that day. Snakes are a problem at Disney World.

Perhaps it’s not really that surprising that some people start reacting to actors like that. The fact is that actors, generally speaking, will be very kind to you and will help you with any of your problems to the best of their abilities. And the cast members have some limited options to even give you free stuff if they think that’s the best way to solve the problem. But, as in most cases, if you take advantage of the generosity of Disney World, you can completely lose it.

Having said that, hopefully we can draw a line by asking actors to literally go against the rules, right? They won’t do it if they like their job, and even if they let people break the rules, it probably won’t be a random family on vacation that they’ve never seen before and will never see again. .

If you’ve ever done something special for you from the Disney world or the cast of Disneyland, and I did, then you’ll really appreciate them. Thanks to the special treatment, you will feel like a real VIP. But please, let’s all remember that this does not mean that we can ask for anything or everything. If you are offered something special, accept it and make sure the actors know how much you appreciate it, stop at the exit to tell their bosses how grateful you are.


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