The football world reacts to an unsuccessful call during the Alabama-Texas game


The college football world is stunned by an unfortunate call during Saturday’s game between Texas and Alabama.

The Longhorns’ defense pinned the Crimson Tide to their own end zone during the third quarter. The pass rush did a great job on Bryce Young, knocking him down in what looked like a clear safety.

The positive result in defense was negated by a terrible rough pass call. The call was later canceled and replaced with targeting.

The world of college football reacted to this costly mistake by today’s refereeing team on Twitter.

“This rudeness towards a passerby is unacceptable. This is shit. And it completely changes this game. Yang didn’t fall.

“Therefore, in 2022, they are calling for a rough picker to be rude just because he plays defense. It’s good to know,” Field Yates added.

“This is a ridiculously bad, potentially game-changing rough pass call. What the hell is this,” Pat Ford said.

Despite this controversial call and the injury of starting quarterback Quinn Ewers at the end of the game, the Longhorns lead the No. 1 team in the country by a score of 13-10.


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