The following Fortnite crossovers May include Elden Ring, Survey Hints


The leaked survey may provide clues as to which video game characters may appear in Fortnite as future skins of invited players, including variants from the Elden Ring. Comic book icons, movie characters and even celebrities from the real world, such as Arianna Grande and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, took part in the multiplayer game “Battle Royale” from Epic. In addition, the latest Fortnite crossover tells the story of many Marvel superheroes who have visited the Island over the years.

Fortnite is also home to many popular game heroes, the latest of which are the legendary assassins Ezio and Avor from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Nathan Drake from Uncharted was featured as a guest Fortnite skin in both his game and movie during the release of the live-action movie Uncharted earlier this year, and PlayStation also saw a performance from Kratos from God Of War and Eloy from Horizon Forbidden West. Meanwhile, Master Chief has plunged into the Fortnite battlefield to represent both Xbox and the Halo series back in 2020, and popular characters from third-party franchises like Street Fighter and Resident Evil have also been included in Fortnite’s ever-growing list.

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Now an unofficial and unconfirmed player survey hints at some new Fortnite guest character skins shared by Twitter user and Fortnite rumor tracker Sheena. This list of characters, which was provided to Shiina Guille_GAG from the Fortnite News Twitter account, includes a wide range of characters from comics, TV shows and other games, including Melina from Elden Ring and Alexander from Iron Fist. maybe new skins. The leaked poll list has not been confirmed by Epic Games or any other official source and is currently considered speculation.

If this Fortnite survey is legitimate, it will probably be interesting news for game lovers. Elden Ring quickly became one of the best-selling video games of 2022 when it launched in February, and months later, players are still discussing new character builds and boss strategies. Some of the main Elden Ring characters that players have encountered in the untouched lands Between include the helpful Melina, who guides players on their journey to become Elden Lord, and Iron Fist Alexander, a bizarre Living Pitcher that players can summon to their aid after completing a certain quest.

Both of these characters could be suitable representatives of the Elden Ring as guest skins of Fortnite characters, assuming that the list Sheena shared is accurate. For those who are not interested in additional crossovers with Marvel and DC, having more game icons on the island can be seen as a welcome breath of fresh air. This potential Fortnite survey could allow players to decide which characters will come to the island next, offering more community involvement in deciding on cross-content.