The Flight Attendant: What fans think of Kaley Cuoco’s role in the HBO series


Kaley Cuoco is well known for having played Penny for 12 seasons on the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. A year and a half after the series came to an end, the star didn’t hold back as she embarked on the lead role in her new drama The Flight Attendant, which debuted on streaming platform HBO Max in November 2020. .

Since then, Kaley Cuoco has starred as flight attendant Cassandra Bowden, aka Cassie, on The Flight Attendant, the thriller series that hit season 2 this week. Her character stands out mainly because it presents a new facet for the actress, who for more than a decade dedicated herself to doing comedy.

Kaley Cuoco’s career in film and television spans nearly three decades. There’s no doubt that Cassie’s portrayal on The Flight Attendant has a long history in show business, but having worked in a comedy for so long may have typecast the actress in her previous role. However, that did not happen and the best example of this is playing the traumatized stewardess in the hit HBO Max drama.

Recall that The Flight Attendant is a television adaptation of the novel written by Chris Bohjalian, entitled ‘The Stewardess’, which follows Cassie, an alcoholic flight attendant who usually spends her free time partying. And as shown in the first season, she met passenger Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman) on one of her flights, with whom she spent the night drinking and then went to bed together.

But, the surprise was when the next morning Kaley Cuoco’s character found Alex dead next to her. But not remembering anything that happened between them the night before terrifies her and she begins to clean up the crime scene and leaves, making her the prime suspect in the murder while the police investigate who killed the character. of Huismann.

Meanwhile, Kaley Cuoco continues her journey in The Flight Attendant with its second season, which has received positive reviews from specialists in the field. In fact, viewers who witnessed her portrayal of Penny in The Big Bang Theory review her performance in the HBO Max drama, calling her performance better than expected. They took to Reddit to voice their opinions.

“I was expecting ‘Penny on a Plane.’ I was blown away by Kaley Cuoco’s performance as Cassie. She really loses herself in this character. I went in not expecting much, but I was blown away.”

“She did really well! I’ve only seen her in comedies and I love seeing her in dramas.”

“She was great. I saw a little bit of Penny in the lighter moments, but it’s probably more Kaley herself. I guess at this point Penny is mostly Kaley.”

“She was amazing in those scenes where she finally dealt with her father’s death and comforted the little girl version of her. She was definitely able to pull off the dramatic [and] emotional stuff.”

“She definitely is a much better actress than she had given her credit for.”