The Fleece Factory 5: How to link data (unlock Margaret and Doug)


Margaret and Doug are two characters from the previous game that players can unlock in Rune Factory 5 by linking data from Rune Factory 4. To do this, players need to have Rune Factory 4 and 5 on the Nintendo Switch. Since Rune Factory 5 only recently received a port to PC via Steam, it’s unclear if unlocking Margaret and Doug on anything other than Switch is possible.

Margaret and Doug were marriage-permissive characters in Rune Factory 4, but are ineligible to participate in Rune Factory 5. However, due to their popularity, they have become unlockable characters when players link their save data from RF4 to their game in RF5. Once unlocked, Margaret and Doug act like any other ordinary village NPC; players can level up their friendship with them, give them gifts, and greet them daily.

To unlock Margaret and Doug, players just need to play with a Nintendo account that has a Rune Factory 4 save file. When they start a new game in Rune Factory 5, they will meet Margaret and Doug at the Blue Moon Tavern.

Linking Data and unlocking Margaret and Doug in Rune Factory 5

As soon as players receive both games in their Switch account, special Rune Factory 4 data will be linked to the players’ account. Open the game and click “Start”, and players will be informed that both Margaret and Doug will start appearing in the Rigbart. They will stay at the Blue Moon Hotel and will not wander around the city. However, players can interact with them as they would with any other villager. Margaret and Doug can also post requests on the request board so that players can earn rewards and unlock special items.:

Margaret’s request: Margaret will ask the players to “take care of the orcs.” In this quest, players are invited to kill two orcs outside the city; they will be easy to find on the way to the Whispering Forest. For completing this request, players will receive a Frey costume, an alternative outfit for the main character in Rune Factory 5, based on the main character Frey from Rune Factory 4. Doug’s request: Doug will ask players to defeat “these hooligans”. This quest is similar to Margaret’s quest; players will need to defeat two orcs. Once this is done, players will receive outfits from Rune Factory 4.

These bonus outfits depend on gender, so if players control Ares, they can only wear Les outfits. If the players are Alice, they can only wear Frey’s clothes. Once players unlock both outfits, Margaret and Doug will also give players a wardrobe to store outfits in, so don’t build it at the beginning of the game and don’t waste lumber resources when players can get it for free from this returning duo.