The Fleece Factory 5: How to have children

One of the game mechanics in Rune Factory 5 is the ability to have children. The Rune Factory series was originally a spin-off of the classic Harvest Moon farm simulator game. Both Harvest Moon and Rune Factory focus on farm life, growing crops and animals, and starting a family. Players who are not familiar with any of the games may know about Stardew Valley, which later popularized the farming simulator genre as a tribute to its predecessors.
In Rune Factory 5, players can marry any of the eligible marriage candidates: Martin, Maracumo, Cecil, Riker, Reinhard, Lucas, Priscilla, Lucy, Fuuka, Beatrice, Scarlett and Lyudmila. It doesn’t matter if the players are boys or girls; they can start a relationship and marry any of the above characters. After players get married, they can have children with their partners.
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After players have been married for at least 20 days in Rune Factory 5, there is a chance that their partner will ask for children. For same-sex couples in Rune Factory 5, the partner will ask if the players want to adopt a child. At this stage, players can choose whether to have a child or not; if the players refuse, their partner will ask again after a week.
The birth of children at the rune factory 5
In the case of a different-sex marriage in Rune Factory 5, when players agree to have a child with their partner, the process can begin in two weeks. Two weeks after agreeing to have a child, players need to talk to their partner to arrange a trip to the clinic. At the clinic, players will find out if they are pregnant; if they are pregnant, players can choose whether they want a boy or a girl, and what their identity will be:
Charming – only boys are Active – only boys are Calm – both boys and girls are Mature – only girls are Energetic – only girls
After this meeting, players need to wait another three weeks in the game. Three weeks later, the players talk to their marriage partner at the Rune Factory to begin the cut scene in which their child is born. At this point, the players must name the child. In Rune Factory 5, players can have three children, and if they want more, they will have to wait a year. However, when they have children again, they will have twins.
In same-sex marriage, the process is the same, except that instead of visiting a clinic to find out about pregnancy, the couple visits Captain Livia about adoption. Captain Livia will mention the Great Tree in the city square of the Rune Factory, which works wonders. The couple approaches the tree, makes a wish, and then has to wait the same amount of time. Two weeks later, players need to talk to their spouse to decide what kind of character they have and whether they want a boy or a girl, and three weeks later they will have a child to adopt. Regardless of whether players marry members of their own or the opposite sex, in Rune Factory 5 they have the same time delay and choice for having children.