The Fleece Factory 5: How to get married

Players can marry any of the twelve eligible candidates in Rune Factory 5. This game was a spin-off of the very successful Harvest Moon series, which later split into Story of Seasons. Rune Factory 5 follows players in the role of Ares or Alice, who settle on a farm and build a life in a Rigbart. Although the game focuses on agriculture, it also has JRPG elements such as killing monsters and clearing dungeons. However, the focus is on life in the Rigbart, and players in Rune Factory 5 can get married and have children in the game.
In Rune Factory 5 there are twelve suitable candidates for marriage: Beatrice, Cecil, Fuuka, Lucas, Lucy, Lyudmila, Marakumo, Martin, Priscilla, Reinhard, Riker and Scarlett. It does not matter who the players are – Ares man or Alice woman, because they can marry a suitable partner of any gender. In addition to getting married, players can also have children in Rune Factory 5.
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Before players can marry their chosen spouse, they must complete a number of steps. Players must witness all the plot events with their future spouse, confess their love, have a minimum level of friendship, a date and a ring. While it seems like a lot of work, marriage is a fun part of Rune Factory 5 that gives depth to the characters and expands the gameplay.
Marry the Rune Factory 5
The first step to getting married is to determine which of the twelve candidates in Rune Factory 5 want to marry. You can date multiple characters at the same time, but players can only marry one. Before the wedding date is set, players must take many steps:
Plot Events – Each character has 3 plot events that players must witness before declaring their love. These events can be found on the map; when a particular player has a story event, the background of his avatar will be pink. Skip to all three events; missing one event will make marriage impossible. Confess your feelings — in order to confess your feelings to the chosen candidate, players must be single, see three plot events and have at least the 7th level of friendship in the “Rune Factory”. This can be done from the BTW menu; when talking to a candidate, press L or R and tell him: “I love you!” Do not tell them about it if the players have at least 7 friendship points, as this will make the situation awkward. Meet them — after a successful confession of feelings, players will meet with their future spouse. Ask them about the date from the BTW menu and they will give the time and place. Do not miss the date, as the players will engage in battle with their beau. After 3 dates, players can witness another mandatory story event. Friendship Level 10 — Before making an offer, raise the friendship level with the selected candidate to level 10. Meet and Unlock all non—player characters in the Rigbart – Players must unlock and meet all potential non-player characters in the Rigbart before the wedding can take place. Buy an engagement ring and a double bed – the future spouse will need a ring and a place to sleep, so be sure to buy these items before making a marriage proposal. The ring can be made after you witness the final plot event after the acquaintance. A double bed will be available in Studio Palmo at the same time. A double bed costs 30,000 gold, 40 stones and 80 logs.
Once all these conditions are met, players can propose to their future spouse. They will get married the next day in the game.